Electricity Bill Calculator

Calculate your power consumption and what its costing you

Electricity Bill Calculator

See what the basic watt is costing you by trying our calculator this will show you what the running cost of electrical applicates. This will help you identify what you use and allow you to figure out ways to reduce your electrical costs. Therefore, allowing you to save money on your energy bills so you will have extra pennies for your piggy bank.

How to lower your electric bill

  1. Go to bed at an earley time
  2. Use more sun light than artificial light
  3. Use low wattage bubls
  4. Use a line to dry laundry
  5. Change halogen bubls to LED bubls
  6. Make use of low-peek rates
  7. Shop around to find a cheaper provider
  8. Lower tempreture of your heater
  9. Wash clothes in cold water
  10. Heat one room rather than the whole house
  11. Buy low wattage power appliances
  12. Insulate attic and other area's of your home
  13. Use a Microwave over an oven
  14. Use solar powered lights for outside
  15. Outdoor lights should be activated by a sensor
  16. Use laptop rather than a desktop
  17. Utilize your PC's power saving features
  18. Dont overcharge your devices that require batteries
  19. Put up thicker curtains
  20. Turn off lights when you leave the room
  21. Use storm locks
  22. Use tankless hotwater heater (Heat on Demand)

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