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What is Mass?

Mass of an object is the measurement to the amount of molecules and atoms that are contained inside an physical object. Mass is measured in units of weight it does not not mean that mass is the same as weight for example a hammer that is on the moon will have the same mass but lighter giving the much lower gravitational force on the moon. Weight is simply a force that is determined by the gravitational force of a planet the higher gravitational force more force that object will be drawn to a planet therefore drastically increasing the weight of the object.

Metric Weight Units and Symbols

Unit of MeasurementSymbolValue
milligrammg1000mg = 1g
kilogramkg1kg = 1000g
metric tont1t = 1000kg

Imperial Weight Units and Symbols

Unit of MeasurementSymbolValue
Ounceoz16oz = 1lb
Imperial Tontn

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