Brian O Cnaimhsi

Founder and Developer

Brian O Cnaimhsi is a software developer and app developer from Donegal, Ireland, specializing in Dev-Ops. He graduated from Atlantic Technological University (ATU) in 2022 with a degree in Computer Science. With a strong passion for technology, Brian has acquired a diverse set of skills in various programming languages and platforms, with a particular focus on app development. His expertise spans both web and mobile applications, and he stays updated with the latest trends and technologies in the field. Brian`'` dedication to learning and adapting allows him to create innovative and user-friendly solutions in the dynamic world of software development.


Link Webbie

Link Webbie was set up back in 2016 as a hobby to gain a understanding the development and deployment of a website. Since then Link Webbie has changed a lot from simple links on a web page. Today Link Webbie serves different functions to people all over the world from networking calculators for IT admins to simple mathematical calculators.


Atlantic Technological University

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Applied Computing
2017 - 2022

CCT College Dublin

Diploma in Devops

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Software Developed

Here is the list of software that has been developed by Brian O Cnaimhsi. Software developed for Link Webbie can be viewedhere.

Base64 Encoder Decoder Extension

A Simple Chrome Extension that encodes base64 data

Version 1.5.2

Base64 Encoder Decoder Andriod

A Simple Andriod app that encodes base64 data

Version 1.0.1