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Converters from metric to imperial weight and height online generators pick a random number and randomisers pick a random name from a hat

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Screen Resolution Detector

find the resolution of your computer monitor or phone


word counter online

Find the word count of a document text online or a college assignment


Find the mean average

find the average mean of each group of numbers. work out the mean from a group of numbers.


BMI Checker

Find or work out your bmi online. Simply enterter your weight (kg) and height (m).


Find the radius of a circle with the Diameter

Calculate the radius of by using the diameter


Percentage Change Between Two Numbers

work out the percent difference bettween two values


Target Heart Rate Zone

work out your target heart rate during exercise to prevent stress during workouts


area of a circle using the radius

Calculate the area of a circle with no pi but just a radius


area of a circle with the circumference

Calculate the area of a circle with no pi radius and diameter but just the circumference


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