Privacy Policy

Page about Link Webbie privacy policies


Read this page to see how your information can be indirectly saved to One of our aims is to help protect the users information on our platform by simply not tracking them. You must also read our terms and conditions page and agree to the terms if you don't agree we would suggest not using Link Webbie.

Privacy Policy:

!!By Using this site you agree to our terms of service and other user policies!!. You the user of Link Webbie and its services should never be concerned on the topic about your privacy. Link Webbie takes care and makes this one of its main objectives to maintain and regulate personal information in a safe manner on our site This section of the site will outline the personal information the site receives and collects from user interaction. Before reading on by using this site you agree to the terms and conditions of this site and its policies. Link Webbie does not regulate the Internet if there is information on the internet that you dont like seeing up their Link Webbie take no responsibility for that. We outline how the data you submit might get indexed by a search engine in the "Personal Information Section".


Link Webbie may also provide external links to other sites which we have no say about how they handle your personal information. If you are concerned about how they handle your information read their terms and conditions before using their products.

Link Webbie only reads cookies is generated on Link and therefore will not hold responsibility for cookie theft. If one of our users visited a malicious site that hijacks your cookies we have no involvement in that incident nor do we have control over that cookie that may contained some personal information.

Personal Information:

Link Webbie does not collect your personal information from third party sites nor distribute the data around the Internet. Link Webbie will represent data generated by users in a numerical format meaning you are just a number on our site. By clicking on our site your private data will not be displayed to the public but as a new person logging on the site eg user "100,344,784". Link Webbie is not responsible or reliable for what the user inputs to the site due to the fact we dont have any control of our users. If a user inputs private information and a search engine indexes that information or user posts that link with private or personal information in the link or page Link Webbie is not responsible for that.


Link Webbie will never spam your email with offers or topics not related to the site. Link Webbie carries no responsibility if someone sends you email or other forms of contact pretending to be someone from Link Webbie and that message contains malware or some or harmful virus we have no responsibility for the damage that is done. Will will never send malware or virus to anyone we respect the law and user saftey but we cant regulate what other people send you on the internet.

Ads, Google:

Link Webbie displays Google Ads that is displayed using their ad program, therefore, Link Webbie has no influence or control in how Google collects and regulates your private information, therefore. We would recommed reading and consenting to their privacy policy here before and continuing to use Link Webbie.


On some sections of Link Webbie, the data summited by the user can be in the URL of the page. This means this data can be saved by the client on the web browser by bookmarking the URL with the query string. This can give the illusion to the user that Link Webbie is saving their data but really the site is recalculating the result. But that URL can be indexed by search engines leaving that data publicly viewable to anyone with that link to that URL. Link Webbie has taken care to block search engines from indexed the resulting Link Webbie provides but not all search engines will respect our rules and may index that URL with your personal information.

Our Apps Are Not Fact Or Proven:

Link Webbie is based upon algorithms that calculate the data that you the user submits to Link These algorithms are electronic meaning there are prone to technical glitches and incorrect or bad coding of any section of Link Webbie so therefore Link Webbie calculators and other algorithms are not fact and the information we provide you so using these apps is doing so at your own risk. We are not responsible if the app gives back wrong information due to a user error or algorithm glitch. If a user uses a health-related app or other section of Link Webbie and the fall ill or require medical assistance Link Webbie is not responsible for this persons actions on the Internet.