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Brief Disclaimer

We recommend also reading our privacy policy page also and fully understand and consent to the policies and terms on both this page and our privacy page. If one does not understand or doesn't agree to our policy you have no obligation to continuing using Link Webbie. Our privacy policys and terms may change over time so we recommend reading these pages on a regular bases. This page outlines the terms and conditions for the use of Link Webbie and any thrid party apps. By using any one of these entities means you agree to the terms and conditions of Link Webbie so you must accept the terms and conditions listed out below you are responsible for the actions you do on Link Webbie proceed at your own risk Link Webbie is not held liable or accountable.

Disclaimer of Liability

The apps, services, data and algorithms Link Webbie provides does not mean they are accurate although we take great time and effort to ensure the accuracy of these entities Link Webbie does not make the claim that these entities are error therefore Link Webbie does not take responsibility for an information that is used or downloaded from Link Webbie. So any damage, disruption or confusion that is caused by Link Webbie in the form of inaccurate information is done so at your own risk Link Webbie. Link Webbie is not responsible for your actions on our apps, services, data, algorithms or website. These entities provided by Link Webbie are not fact, proven 100% accurate or error free. Link Webbie does not take reasonable for any externally linked content so click at your own risk.

Disclaimer Ads

Link Webbie displays ads on behalf of Google so therefore ads to various websites will appear containing redirects to different websites if any of these links contains content, information, text, images or videos you do not like or get offended by we do not carry any responsibility for the ads you click on we recommend reading our privacy policy ads section to get more information on the privacy of having google ads on our site and we provide a link to Google terms and conditions.