Privacy Policy

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At Link Webbie, we prioritize the privacy of our users. Our privacy policy is designed to address various factors that can impact user privacy. We provide a comprehensive overview of how we handle these factors to safeguard user information. For clarification on specific terminology, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Information We Do Not Collect:

  1. Email, Names, Or Contact Details.
  2. We do not utilise cookie or tracking technologies to collect personal information.
  3. We do not collect data that is submitted to use by the user.

Geographical Locations

Link Webbie operates and hosts services primarily in the United States. By using our website and software, you consent to this privacy policy and the relevant laws of the United States. Link Webbie is physically located in the Republic of Ireland and can be reached by mail.

Contact Us

On our ’Contact Us’ page, we provide fields where users can enter their email and name. However, we strongly encourage users not to use their real names and instead use a throwaway email address. The purpose of this page is to allow users to report any issues they encounter with Link Webbie or submit new feature ideas. After a user submits a message, the submission details are reviewed and addressed within 24 hours. We value user feedback and appreciate their active participation in improving our services.

Log Files

Data can be collected via logs, and most websites’ logs may contain information related to the user. At Link Webbie, we do not collect personal information from you. Instead, we gather data based on the site itself, not the individual user. Our data collection does not involve user-specific information, but rather focuses on site performance and user actions. These user actions are not linked to any particular person, ensuring that the data in the log files remains anonymous. None of the log data contains personal information that can be used to identify individuals. The purpose of data collection is solely to enhance site performance and improve user experience. We do not store any data you submit to us through tools, apps, calculators, or searches. Additionally, log data is retained for one month and then deleted.


We do not collect users information from our any of our mobile applications for the android platform. We advice our users to only install our applications from the Google Play Store.   Please vist our Google Play Store listing  Please read Google’s Privcy Polcies in relation the Store and Android here.

Spam, Spyware, Software

Link Webbie will never send you SPAM to your email. We also will not install spyware on your computer. We will provide legitimate software in the future to extend the services that Link Webbie will provide but not without the consent of the user.

Bots and Malicious Use

Users or Bots may be blocked or limited based on the behaviour. Users may be prevented from sending requests to the server resulting in a 429. Bots that are not reputable will be blocked from accessing Link Webbie.

Third Parties

External Sites

  • Link Webbie will link to other external sites, the external sites are linked to do not fall under this privacy policy.
  • We do not have any control over the practices and content of the external sites that we link to.


Link Webbie places advertisements on the site from Google Adsense please check their policies  here.

Changes to this policy

The privacy policy is subject to change at any moment. To keep updated with these changes please check this page on a regular basis.