Privacy Policy

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Link Webbie we ensure the privacy of our users are paramount to us. Please read our privacy policy.

Log Files

Data can be collected via logs, with most websites log can contain information based on the user. At Link Webbie we do not collect your personal information. We collect data based on the site and not the user. We do not collect user data but we collect how the site worked and performed based on a user action. The user action is not tied to any person; the data on the log files are anonymous. The data in the logs have no personal information to identify a person or an individual. The data collection is used solely for site performance and user experience. The data you submit to us is not stored via tools, apps, calculators and search. The log data is stored for a month and is then deleted.

Spam, Spyware, Software

Link Webbie will never send you SPAM to your email. We also will not install spyware on your computer. We will provide legitimate software in the future to extend the services that Link Webbie will provide but not without the consent of the user.

Bots and Malicious Use

Users or Bots may be blocked or limited based on the behaviour. Users may be prevented from sending requests to the server resulting in a 429. Bots that are not reputable will be blocked from accessing Link Webbie.

Third Parties

External Sites

Link Webbie will link to other external sites, the external sites are linked to do not fall under this privacy policy.