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Online tools, calculators ranging from networking (ipv4, binary) to financial.(mortgage, interest)

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IP class checker

Check the class of an IP address

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IP to binary

Convert IPV4 to binary

Compare Prices

Compare the prices of two products

Profit Margin Percentage

Check the profit margin as a percentage

Profit Markup Percentage

Check the markup as a percentage

Compound Interest

Compound Interest of a loan

Monthly Mortgage Payment

Find the monthly repayment of a mortgage

Electric Bill Cost

Calculate your electric bill cost based on usage

Number Of Subnets

Calculate the number of Subnets

Number Of Hosts

Calculate the number of hosts

Subnet Mask To Wildcard Mask

Calculate the number of hosts

Subnet Mask To Wildcard Mask

Convert subnet mask to a wildcard mask

Subnet Mask To CIDR

Convert subnet mask to a CIDR

IPV6 Validator

Check if an IPV6 Address is vaild

What Is My Screen Size In Inches

Check the size of your screen

IPV4 Validator

Check if an IPV4 Address is vaild

Wildcard Mask to Subnet Mask

Convert a Wildcard Mask to a Subnet Mask

Weekly Savings Calculator

How much to save every week to reach a certain amount.

Subnet Mask to Binary

Calculate the Subnet Mask to Binary Notation

Number of Hosts Per Subnet

Check the number of hosts that is in a subnet on CIDR

IPv6 Compression Calculator

Compressor or Shorten an IPv6 Address