Fertilizer Application Rate

Calculate amount offertilizer to a given area


How to Calculate Fertilizer Application

The Fertilizer Application calculator can calculate imperial (acres, lbs) or metric (hectare, kg) units. The calculator can calculate imperial or metric units depending on your choice. The calculator cannot calculate imperial and metric in the same expression. For example the calculator will return the wrong result if metric is used for one term and imperial used for second term in the same expression.


  • Desired Nutrient Level : The desired level of nutrient required for a particular growth phase or crop. Desired Nutrient Level can be expressed in (lbs/acre) or (kg/hectare).

  • Fertilizer Nutrient Content: The content of nutrients in a given fertilizer expressed as a percentage (%).

  • Area of Land: Represents the area of land where the fertiliser will be applied to. The area of land can be expressed as acres or hectares.

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