List of Financial Tools


Compare Prices

Compare the prices of two products

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Profit Margin Percentage

Check the profit margin as a percentage

Profit Markup Percentage

Check the markup as a percentage

Compound Interest

Compound Interest of a loan

Monthly Mortgage Payment

Find the monthly repayment of a mortgage

Electric Bill Cost

Calculate your electric bill cost based on usage

Weekly Savings Calculator

How much to save every week to reach a certain amount.

Take Home Salary

Calculate your take home salary

Salary Increase

Work out whay your salary increased by

Annual Salary

Workout annual salary

Overtime Pay

Calculate the overtime pay

Hourly Pay

Work out the hourly pay

Salary Bonuses

Calculate the bonuses with salary


Calculate the Allowances

Basic Salary

Calcualte the basic salary

Net Salary

Calculate Net Salary

Gross Salary

Calculate the Gross Salary

Savings Percentage

Work out Savings Percentage

Taxable Income

Find the amount of taxable income

Monthly Loan Payment

Work out the monlty loan payments

Retirement Savings

Calculate retirement savings as a percentage

Profit Margin

Work out the profit margin of a product

Earnings Per Share

Calculate the earnings per share


Calcualte the commssion of a sale

Rental Yeild

Work out the rental yeild of a property

Gross Profit

Work out the gross profit

Return on Investment

Work out the ROI