List Of Networking Tools


IP class checker

Check the class of an IP address

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IP to binary

Convert IPV4 to binary

Number Of Subnets

Calculate the number of Subnets

Number Of Hosts

Calculate the number of hosts

Subnet Mask To Wildcard Mask

Convert subnet mask to a wildcard mask

Subnet Mask To CIDR

Convert subnet mask to a CIDR

IPV6 Validator

Check if an IPV6 Address is vaild

IPV4 Validator

Check if an IPV4 Address is vaild

Wildcard Mask to Subnet Mask

Convert a Wildcard Mask to a Subnet Mask

Subnet Mask to Binary

Calculate the Subnet Mask to Binary Notation

Number of Hosts Per Subnet

Check the number of hosts that is in a subnet on CIDR

IPv6 Compression Calculator

Compressor or Shorten an IPv6 Address

Generate MAC Address

Randomly Generate a Mac Address

IPv6 to Hex

Convert IPv6 to Hex

IPv4 to Hex

Convert IPv4 to Hex

IPv6 to Decimal

Convert IPv6 to Decimal Notation